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The BestTouchscreen Laptops Today

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2012 was a good year for computers. AMD and Intel released their latest processors. Not only are they more powerful and have better integrated graphics, they also have lower power consumption. This results in less heat, and better battery life than previous generations.

New form factors also came in. Intel went strong with their ultra books, promoting them as good alternatives to bulky, mainstream laptops.

Right now though, there’s a new thing happening thanks to Microsoft’s Windows 8. The company recently recognized the potential of touchscreen tablets. While Windows might seem like an odd choice, the new software is optimized for touch.

Colorful tiles greet you. Information is quickly updated and you can just jump into whatever program you want.

But what actual laptops support this cool feature? Here’s a mini roundup.

Dell XPS 12

At first glance, you’d think that the Dell XPS 12 wasjust an ultrabookwith a touchscreen slapped on. True, the laptop has all the XPS features such as a thin build and quality materials.

However, you’ll be surprised becausethe laptop can turn into a tablet! By flipping the screen over, you have a tablet within your grasp. It’s perfect for people who are constantly moving, or are just using the computer for simple surfing.

Of course Dell doesn’t skimp out on the parts. For $1,699, you get an Intel Core i7 – 3517U processor. It’s definitely powerful enough for most tasks and content creation.

To make things even better, you’re provided with a 256 GB SSD. It definitely makes the whole system feel fast and fluid. Boot times are short thanks to the SSD.

Sadly you don’t get a dedicatedvideo card, but you do have 4 GB of RAM.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

Lenovo has always been making laptops that are practical and pleasing to the eye. Withthe IdeaPad Yoga 13 though, Lenovo went beyond practical and released their catchiest laptop ever.

The Yoga 13 works in a manner similar to the XPS 12. By bending the screen back all the way, you’re immediately in tablet mode!

Running Windows 8, this laptop is significantly cheaper than the XPS 12, selling for only a thousand bucks.

This laptop features an Intel Core i5 – 3317U processor. It definitely has more than enough power since even an i3 processor would have sufficed.

You also get a 500 GB hard drive. That’s quite disappointing, as many would have preferred a 128 GB SSD instead.

You also get 4 GB of RAM. The screen size is 13.3 inches and the laptop is 0.67 inches thick. It’s fairly portable since it’s marketed as an ultrabook.

Finally, gone is the stuff you’d usually find on a Lenovo laptop keyboard. There’s no fingerprint scanner or the red pointer in the middle. All you have is the keyboard, and a fairly large touchpad.

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