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Boot computer “CPU fan error” causes and solutions

Each boot prompt “CPU FAN ERROR PRESS F1 TO RESUME” fans error “of what does that mean, not the CPU, but a problem with the auxiliary CPU fan, what causes prompted fans error” solve “laptop fan error” prompt. Let’s take a look at the the boot ” fans error” causes and solutions.

1, the system BIOS detected less than the speed of the CPU fan

Press Del to enter the BIOS boot options, enter the Power → Hardware monitor, you will see the three together are CPU FAN SPEED; the the CHASSIS FANSPEED; POWER FAN SPEED, first changed IGNORED second changed N / A, third changed IGNORED.

2, the fan is not working properly or the speed is too low

Fan of long working hours, the lubricant inside dry, resulting in slower fan speed, add a little oil in the interior of the fan, to increase the fan speed will reduce your internal chassis temperature, so that does not make the CPU burn.

3, the fan power lines are wrong

Generally on the motherboard has multiple fan socket CPU fan should be inserted in the the above “CPU_F” If you do not plug here Although the normal fan, but the motherboard will prompt an error. CPU fans power plug is inserted into the corresponding position, the general problem can be solved, and the best way to the Laptop Cooling is room to install a Wuhan Gree central air-conditioning in the preceding period, the friends put Gree air conditioning units with air conditioning , the temperature had significantly dropped.

4, the motherboard battery is dead

The COMS battery on the motherboard removed, then put back a few minutes later, the motherboard can the COMS discharge restore the default; Finally, using the default settings in the BIOS.
Above points is the boot ” fans error” prompt causes and solutions between the CPU and fan silicone did not cause the heat does not go out, the chassis can lead to too much dust boot “CPU fan error” of prompt.

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